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Celerity is never more admired

Than by the negligent

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Location:Maryland, United States of America
  • College student graduate
  • English major, writing concentration, biology minor
  • First creative writing story at age 6
  • Queer and out since 1999
  • Author, library worker, librarian, manager, former swim teacher, bad singer, even worse poet
  • Arthritic and myopic
  • Has failed in her attempt to condense her email addresses
  • All about the Mac
These stories are all, entirely, fictional. Any resemblance to situations or real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No copyright infringement is intended toward the creators, authors, and/or actors of any canon upon which this fanfiction is based. I do not make any money from writing these stories. I do not make any money from posting these stories. I do not necessarily endorse the content of these stories.

Please do not archive without my permission.

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The name Celeria, pronounced "kell-AIR-ee-a," is the feminine form of the latin name Celer, which means "swift."
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